Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Hey guys, I'm back. I'm sorry that I didn't write in the last time, but I was busy. I experienced so many things in the last months and I want to tell you about it.
I will begin with the International camp.
Our whole school board went to the camp and many different cultures met there. It was really exciting because I think you don't have so often the chance to meet people from more then ten countries. The people who organized the camp divided us in 6 groups and we did different exercises over two days. But I had to leave the camp earlier because I had to go to a soccer game.
It was a really busy day because after the soccer game we went to the homecoming dance. We had lots of fun and learned how the Canadians dance. For me it is sometimes a little bit weird, but I get used to it.
In the next weeks my host brother and me had a few problems with our host family, but my organization in Germany fixed them and now we do understand each other well. My host brother and me got a little bit home sick but after a few days it was gone.
We found our new friends really fast and I build strong relationships with many people. My friends are for the most part girls and thats the reason why I miss my best friends in Germany so much. 
I think five or six weeks ago I went on the leadership camp and this was one of my best weekends in my life. We did really exciting activities, but the most important thing is that our whole leadership class built a very very strong relationship and that makes us so proud. Because of the camp I found new friends and I learned a lot. 
The leadership class is my favourite.
Last Thursday, we had a Halloween school dance and it was amazing. We had so much fun and made many pictures. We danced a lot and with different people.
On Friday was Halloween and it is so different as in Germany. It is amazing. I went with a few friends for trick or treat and that had weird descriptions for my costume and finally the were agree what my costume could be. 
I will see you soon guys. Have fun, your Fabian.

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